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High pressure tanning salon beds combine high pressure quartz lamps with a tremendous filtering system to insure you receive 99 percent UVA tanning rays.A tanning bed gives you a full-body tan in less than 20 minutes.While professional spray tanning generally yields a more natural-looking tan than home-use products, it can be costly.

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If you plan to tan outside instead of tanning indoors, check out different tanning lotions.Mystic Spray tan utilizes a revolutionary heated sunless treatment that delivers flawless natural-looking results and in less than 5 minutes.

Tanners first select their skin tone and then choose the desired strength of their tanning session.

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By removing the old skin cells, tanners are able to create smooth surface for the spray to adhere too.They bonus of this type of spray is that they can spray it more evenly than you can at home.

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More Than A Tan - Our goal is to cultivate a tribe of women who work hard, love harder and make the world a better place.This process does not result in rapid tanning but to get that look you want, you might need repeated sessions.Although the media has a periodic love affair with creamy, never-seen-the-light-of-day skin, for the most part, tanned skin sets the standard for beauty.

Achieve your darkest, quickest tan by doing our Double Dip, which is tanning in any bed and then getting a Spray Tan.

We have a wide variety of tanning lotions for every skin type and budget to help you achieve your optimal tan in less time.You can also do it without increasing the risk of skin cancer.

Spray tanning is a form of self tanning (or sunless tanning) where a fine mist is sprayed onto your body.There are a lot of myths out there about tanning and spray tans and even more questions.Mystic Tan is a spray-on, UV-Free tan that goes on smooth and even in less than 60 seconds.

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The key to prevent streaking is to exfoliate your skin prior to your spray tan session and use the spray tanning activator add on formula.


Why Our UV Tanning Booths Are Better Than UV Tanning Beds All of our UV tanning units are stand-up booths within their own private, lockable rooms for your safety and comfort.

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Best Answer: What would be better is go in the tanning bed first then get the spray tan.Spray tanning produces results that are often as good as you get from a tanning bed or lying out in the sun.Oregon Tan Spa is a boutique style tanning salon that has been tanning. loyal clientele for over 32 years.

Study: Spray tans, tanning bed use often go hand-in-hand By Denise Mann, Health.com People who use sunless tanning products are more likely to get five or more sunburns during the summer.I started going to the tanning bed, I know, I know. i was talking to the owner of said salon about deciding between the two myself - The owner said she had her staff give her a spray tan about a month before the wedding she wore a white dress all day and everything was fine.

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If a customer has an event or trip coming up with little prep time, spray tanning is the most efficient way to get them the radiant look they need before jetting off.

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There are very few of them around all of North America, so we are lucky to have one right here in Oakville at Tan in the Wild.We are known as the best tanning salon in Edmonton for custom spray tans and sunless tanning.Our Mystic Spray tan is a one nozel spray booth that has recently been updated to all new features and parts.Tan Fact: Our state-of-the-art tanning equipment is designed to replicate the UVA and UVB produced by the sun, while allowing you to control your exposure.

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